Vitamin E + Selenium

 Vitamin E + Selenium - increases the physiological muscular ability and the function of the circulatory system and mucous membranes



Vitamin E + Selenium fully protect the cells against free radicals. This combination strongly stimulates the immune system to defend the body against the effect of toxins. The high-quality vitamin E used significantly enhances the absorption of selenium in the body, making this formulation extremely effective in fulfilling its functions. Breeders using Vitamin E + Selenium in their breeding can be sure that it will improve the condition and endurance of the heart muscle in their animals. The ingredients are necessary to maintain physiological muscular ability and the function of the blood vessels, epithelia and mucous membranes.

An intensified effect of Vitamin E + Selenium is the power of health in each herd.

Ingredients: Vitamin E 125,000 mg, selenium 2,500 mg, carrier.

Indications: designed for all animal species, the preparation is recommended for a periodical use in healthy animals in order to increase their fitness and functional characteristics, and also for a preventive use during periods of weakness and exposure to stress, and during the period of feeding with high-energy feed mixtures and after diseases. Especially recommended during the period of intense growth.

Dosage: 100-200 ml per 1,000 liters of drinking water.

Waiting period: not applicable.

Package: 1l, 5l 

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