Vitamin D3 + Minerals



Vitamin D3 + Minerals - a perfect skeleton, strong immunology, and a stable nervous system


Just one barn means thousands of birds susceptible to many environmental factors, each of which can affect the health status of poultry. To ensure proper and even raising, and a high degree of health in the flock, Vitamin D3 + Minerals should be applied from the first day of the life of chickens.

The preparation promotes a good metabolism and efficient use of mineral ingredients in the body, ensures proper development of the skeleton and excellent eggshell quality.

As a consequence, a strong and healthy body means better production results, and that is what every breeder strives for.

Ingredients: vitamin D3 15 000 000 I.U, calcium 900mg, magnesium 1 000 mg, phosphorus 1 100mg, zinc in the chelation form  500mg.

Indications: Suitable for all species and production groups as a preventive measure during the period of the most intense growth and in case of abnormal skeleton mineralization or disorders in the quality of eggshell.

Dosage: 250-500 ml per 1,000 liters of drinking water.

Waiting period: not applicable.

Package: 1l, 5l

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