Vitamin AD3EK



Vitamin AD3EK - a good start from the first days of life


Properly composed of vitamins, the animal feed formulation simply requires laboratory procedures, and in today's world of mass feeding that is virtually impossible. Therefore, the ideal solution for breeders is to supplement animal foods with the necessary vitamins that are hard to balance in the feed but which play a key role in the first phase of life. The product strengthens the body's protective barriers and acts protectively on the liver, kidneys and muscles.

The high assimilation of the Vitamin AD3EK complex provides a powerful reinforcement for the herd and the best start possible from the first day of life.

Ingredients: vitamin A 30,000,000 I.U, vitamin D3 250,000 I.U, vitamin E 20,000 mg, vitamin K 3,000 mg.

Indications: to be used during periods of rapid growth in animals, in cases of deficiency in fat-soluble vitamins, and in stressful situations, e.g. after treatment or vaccinations.

Dosage: 200-250 ml per 1,000 liters of drinking water.

Waiting period: not applicable.

Package: 1l, 5l

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