Vitamin B Complex



Vitamin B Complex - for excellent cell metabolism, a foundation for all the processes in the body



It is absolutely true that when B vitamins are deficient, other vitamins lose much of their capacity to have a beneficial impact. Animal feed that is highly processed or prepared independently rarely meets the essential requirement for adequate levels of B vitamins. Related problems affect each system in an animal's body, and hence the health of a herd is clearly impaired. In addition, B vitamins are part of enzymes or may activate them. Therefore, they have an impact on the whole cell metabolism, and are a foundation for all the processes in the body.

To breed cattle to the highest level of profitability, use a vitamin B complex, which will guarantee the profitability of animal production obtained through high-quality livestock.

Ingredients: vitamin B1 3,000 mg, vitamin B2 1,000 mg, vitamin B3 21,000 mg, vitamin B5 6,000 mg, vitamin B6 3,200 mg, vitamin B9 100 mg, vitamin B12 15,000 mcg, vitamin H (biotin) 20,000 mcg, betaine 1 500 mg, choline chloride 1 200 mg.

Indications: to be used mainly in the period of intense growth and development, in stressful situations and disorders of the nervous system.

Dosage: 250-500 ml per 1,000 liters of drinking water.

Waiting period: not applicable.

Package: 1l, 5l

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