Vitamin C Forte


Vitamin C Forte is up 95% of vitamin C





The most common effect of vitamin C deficiency is a lower resistance to infections and diseases. Vitamin C Forte improves the health and condition of animals; in poultry it also reduces heat stress, improves egg production and egg shell hardness. In piglets it improves weight gain, hemoglobin formation and alleviation of the diarrhea.

Vitamin C Forte is up 95% of vitamin C.

Ingredients: Vitamin C  950 000 mg, sodium 1 000 mg, magnesium 500 mg, potasium 200 mg, glucose 47 300 mg.

Indications: this preparation should be used as a supplement to the daily requirement for vitamin C, especially in the period of stress in animals or with stress symptoms, in times of poor health and diseases, as well as during physical overload; Vitamin C Forte is designed for all species and groups of livestock production animals.

Dosage: 75 - 200ml per 1000 liters of drinking water.

Package: 1 kg

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